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Free Printable Thankful Poster

Happy first official day of Fall! I love this season, and even though it's still warm here, And with Fall here, I can't help but think of everything that has happened this year and be thankful for it (which is very apt since it's close to Thanksgiving, here in Canada anyway). I was sketching the other day and I just couldn't keep this to myself so I'm sharing this free printable Thankful poster with you guys!

handlettered poster

DIY Overlay Notebook at Mod Podge Rocks Blog

I just love lace papercuts and overlays - they just give a sense of delicateness to a certain project. The other day I shared how to create a fun personalized DIY Overlay Notebook at Mod Podge Rocks blog - check out how easy it is to make it and snag the free template for the handlettered 'Notes' word!

Notes book handlettered

DIY Just Keep Going Mug

One of the challenges about working alone is the fact that you have minimal people interaction - it's true in my case, anyway. I try to surround myself with inspirational things - mostly quotes. I hand-lettered this DIY Just Keep Going mug for myself to use on those days when I need an extra push!

diy just keep going mug

DIY Elegant Hammered Wire Earrings

There are some days when I just want to step away from my computer out of frustration and just create something. Yesterday was one of those days. Since these days it's hard for me to look for time to experiment, I turn to my trusted materials - in this case, wire and a hammer to make these DIY Elegant Hammered Wire Earrings. If you haven't seen a post of me making them, read  on for the how to. And if you have, you might still learn a thing or two!

DIY Hammered wire earrings

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